BBQ Bob's Catering & Fundraising - Southern Style BBQ Meats & Sides
(These prices are not for on-site events)  
Slow Smoked Pork Ribs
Slow smoked St. Louis Style ribs seasoned with Bob’s special rib seasonings and then glazed with Bob’s 1st place award winning sauce or the sweet kickin’ brown sugar glaze. Sauce also available on the side.
. $20.00 per rack (one rack serves 2-3 people)
Smoked Pork Shoulder
This hand pulled pork is seasoned with Bob’s pork rub then slow smoked for over 16 hours to its peak of tenderness. $8.00 per pound (1 pound feeds 3-4 people)
Whole butts are available for $28.00 each. Weights vary.
Smoked Chicken
Succulent chicken halves seasoned and smoked to perfection in my wood-burning rotisserie pit. $8.00 per chicken. Expect 8 pieces per chicken. ( 2 breasts, 2 wings, 2 legs, 2 thighs)
Smoked Brisket
Slow smoked 12 to 16 hours in my wood-burning rotisserie pit. Served sliced in a au jus sauce. $9.50 per pound (1 pound feeds 3-4 people)
Whole brisket is available  for an approximate cost of $50.00 each. Prices vary due to weight
Rib Tips
Slow smoked trimmings from whole spare ribs that get surrounded in a mix of Bob’s 1st place award winning bbq sauce and apple juice to let them render into fall apart tenderness! Makes great finger food! $7.00 per pound (1 pound of meat with sauce) (1 pound feeds 1-3 people)
Smoked Sausage
Slow smoked in my wood-burning rotisserie smoker. (Italian, brats, polish or kielbasa sausages are available) $6.00 per pound (3 per pound)
BBQ Bob's Smoked Hot Wings
Marinated and seasoned jumbo chicken wings get bathed in the sweet smoke then kissed with a mix of Bob’s own wing sauce which is a blend of my BBQ sauce, butter, hot sauce and maple syrup. $9.00 per dozen
Smoked Baked Beans
My beans have a blend of my bbq sauce, brown sugar, mustard, onions, real maple syrup, my beef seasoning, molasses and a couple other secrets that get added to the mix! I also add some chopped bbq to them! $10.00 per quart. $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
4 Cheese Cheesy Potatoes 
Cubed potatoes baked in 4 different cheeses to make a cheesy, bacon and onion filled sauce. $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
Buttered Whole Kernel Corn 
Tender sweet corn is blended with roasted red peppers, onions and tossed with some real butter then seasoned with my seasonings $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
Creamy Cole Slaw
My mayonnaise based slaw dressing has a bit of sweetness to it, along several different seasonings and a hint of horseradish, which perks up the flavors in the dressing! $8.00 per quart. $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
Pasta Salad w/ Fresh Vegetables 
Bow tie pasta is tossed with a blend of fresh cucumber, red peppers, and summer squash.  My seasoning blend and dressing bring it all together into a refreshing fresh summertime delight! $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
 Smoked Cabbage  
Fresh cabbage is mixed with bacon, onions, green onion, garlic, my special seasoning and real butter then cooked on the smoker until it’s tender and flavorful! $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
 Fresh Garden Greens w/Dressings
A mix of fresh garden greens tossed with Michigan dried cherries, sunflower seeds, red onion, Mandarin oranges with dressings served on the side. $55 full pan
Pig Salad
A mix of peas, bacon, cashews, celery and green onions in a homemade garlicky dressing. A very refreshing blend. $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
Potato Salad  
Chunks of potatoes in a mayonnaise based dressing with celery, green onions, sliced hard boiled eggs and seasonings to bring it all together. $30 half pan (feeds 20-25)
Banana Pudding
This is a southern favorite made with Nilla wafers, ripe bananas which gets blended into a rich vanilla custard.
$10.00 per quart, $30 per half pan
BBQ Sauce
This is my tomato based sauce that has a nice balance of sweet, tart along with a little heat.
$8.00 per quart
Please contact me with any questions you may have.
 Pickup or delivery is available. A delivery fee may be applied.
Bulk foods are ready for you to reheat and eat when you are ready to enjoy them or also available hot and ready.
**All items served in disposable containers or foil pans. Prices may change due to market value or availability, as some items are seasonal. You will be notified of any changes at the time of your order.
Thank you,
Bob Zahler
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