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Unlike some companies I bring the real BBQ experience to your party! My unique BBQ smoker gives your guests a WOW factor that others just can’t give. The smell of that wood smoke and meat cooking permeates the air like nothing else can!
When I bring my smoker to your event, I promise you that your guests will be amazed and they will truly enjoy the full BBQ experience! Many never see how real BBQ is done and with my style of cooking you get the full show which helps make your party a big success with your friends and family! After all who doesn’t want others to talk about that party “so and so” had and how great it was?
Meats are cooked on site and that takes time and patience. For example my ribs cook on the smoker for 5-6 hours soaking up the sweet smoke as they render themselves into succulent tenderness. Chicken cooks for about 2 hours allowing some of that same sweet smoke to get into the meat while keeping the juices in the chicken keeping it very moist. I guarantee you will NEVER get a dry piece of chicken!
Pork and brisket cook in the smoker 12 -19 hours or basically until it’s done! BBQ can’t be rushed and it takes time and patience to get it right. These larger cuts are cooked prior to your event due to the time they take to cook
The BBQ I provide is cooked with red oak, hickory and apple woods and natural lump charcoal which gives the meats their authentic southern BBQ flavor! This BBQ is the real deal and it is not the same as grilling.
A BBQ party is perfect for any one of the events listed below. Besides catering I can provide food service for your event.
Company Picnics
Casual Corporate Parties
Retirement Parties
Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners
Tailgate Parties
Birthday Parties
Graduation Parties
BBQ is a simple and casual entertaining food. It’s meant to bring friends and families together.
Pleasecontact meand I will be happy to assist you with your needs!
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