BBQ Bob's Catering & Fundraising - Southern Style BBQ Meats & Sides
Do you need to raise money for your church, school, club, firehouse, boy scout/girl scout group or civic organization?  Hosting a BBQ is a great way to raise funds and have a great time doing it. I can show you how to get big profits with very little effort.
BBQBob’s introduces a great tasting fundraiser that's easy to do and that your entire group will love. To find out more information please contact me or call 931-588-7437 with your specific needs.
How does BBQ Bob’s fundraiser plan work?
Your group simply sells tickets to anyone that would like to attend the event. Once you know the total number of people attending see chart below for pricing details. Suggested prices can be adjusted if needed to help you with a better profit margin for your fundraiser.
To see chart on pricing for foods, please click here.
  • One 1/3 lb. BBQ sandwich with sauce , slaw, and beans and a canned drink
  • Smoked hot dog , bag of chips, and a canned drink
  • 1/2  smoked chicken dinner with slaw, baked beans, and a roll
  • One whole pork butt, wrapped and bagged
  • One rack of St. Louis ribs, sauced and wrapped in foil
  • Additional canned drinks $1.50 each
  • All meals include: plates, utensils, and napkins
  • Volunteer servers are to be provided by your group
Note: Fundraiser packages are available to any club or organization; however, they must include a minimum order of 100 plates (*excluding butts and ribs). In order to assure that ample food will be prepared, I require a final head count 7 days prior to the event along with a 50% deposit at that time. *Costs may change due to economic conditions.
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