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Friday BBQ orders are now available!
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Thank you for taking the time to look at my web site and for considering me to do foods for your event.
I take a lot of pride and care in the foods I prepare. I spend a lot of time in prepping quality meats by hand. I season each type of meat with one of my own unique seasonings to try to enhance the flavor of that particular meat. My bbq is served with bbq sauce on the side. To me, sauce is a condiment like ketchup and mustard. The flavor of the meat should be able to stand on its own. A sauce should only enhance that flavor.
I take the same care in making my sides as I am a believer that side dishes should taste just as good as the bbq. Nothing is worse than mediocre sides or something just taken from a can or bag.
Many of our fondest memories in life involve food, whether it be a family reunion picnic or wedding reception.  People enjoy eating and your event should be an enjoyable experience. My foods aren't the foods you grew up eating that your grandmother or mother made. Heck, my grandmother and mother never cooked the way I do. I cook the foods the way I enjoy eating them and hope others enjoy them as much as I do! 
I am working to make the site better to better serve you and your needs! Please feel free to contact me via the contact me page if you have any questions.
Thank you very much!
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